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A Special Message from President Barack Obama

Booksellers in 2020


President Obama Praises Booksellers

In a special message, President Barack Obama thanks independent booksellers for their efforts and dedication, expressing how influential books were to him growing up. He goes on to thank booksellers for the powerful impact they have on children and adults by providing "knowledge, discovery, wisdom, empathy, and access to thoughts and worlds that readers have never experienced before."


As a reader and as an author, I couldn't be more grateful for the work that all of you (booksellers) do every single day, especially during such a tough year. Thank you all for everything. ” — President Barack Obama

Booksellers Show Their Strength

A powerful montage of the obstacles booksellers faced in 2020 and how they were able to pull through during a very challenging year.

This video debuted at Winter Institute, ABA's annual bookseller conference, on February 18 to kick off the event. "Many in the virtual crowd, joining from around the country and the world, were brought to tears — or at least mighty choked up." —Shelf Awareness