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FAQ: Author/Publisher

FAQ: Author/Publisher


How can I add a book to the IndieBound title database?

IndieBound is a program of the American Booksellers Association (ABA), a trade association representing thousands of independent bookstores. The purpose of the site is primarily to help customers find indie locations and purchase from independent bookstores.

ABA has two main online retail programs:

  • We support websites for hundreds of bookstores through a program called IndieCommerce. Getting your book listed on will make it available on IndieCommerce sites as well.
  • We also have a partnership with Ingram and AddLibra to support direct-to-consumer sales on

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you look into getting your book carried by Ingram. If Ingram has your book in its warehouses, it will be available to ship direct-to-consumer through IndieCommerce sites and Ingram is also the primary provider of the book metadata on and on IndieCommerce sites. Once your arrangements have been finalized with Ingram, we should begin to receive metadata for your book.

In the meantime, you can add books to the database. Our staff will review and approve the title before it appears on the site, which can take a business day or two. For more details, visit

Can my book be considered for the Indie Next List?

Indie bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association nominate books for the Indie Next List by sending blurbs to ABA. We then compile the list based on the nominations. Any bookseller can nominate any book. Most nominate titles they learn about from publishers who work with ABA and send galleys and finished books to booksellers, often through a monthly mailing that ABA organizes. You can find out more about how ABA works with publishers here:

I am a publisher. How can I support independent bookstores?

Publishers can support independent bookstores by linking and asking their authors to link to for book sales. You can become an affiliate and earn referral fees, or link to a book product page without becoming an affiliate. Links, options, and details are at

How do I link to for book sales?

You can become an affiliate and earn referral fees, or link to a book product page without becoming an affiliate. Links, options, and details are at

Can I submit a review or a blurb about a book for the site or for the Indie Next List? does not accept outside book reviews. All book data on the site are part of a data feed we receive from Ingram Content Group and publishers. Reviews and blurbs come from ABA member booksellers.

How can I correct bibliodata that is wrong or incomplete?

We offer an online form for editing data for existing books. Edits made here will be put into a queue for our staff to review and approve before they appear on the site. However, it is crucial that you also provide any corrections to Ingram (if your book is available through them). Because Ingram provides our metadata, if they submit an update to us containing the error you corrected, it will overwrite your correction. For more details, visit

I am an independent or self-published author. How do I get my book on the Indie Bestseller list?

The Indie Bestseller list is based on reporting from independent bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association. Most stores report sales (online and in-store) through their point-of-sale systems. To make the list, your book will need to be carried -- and sold -- by the stores reporting to the list.

How can I get independent bookstores to carry my book?

There are many ways to work with independent bookstores. Approach a local store and ask if they have a program for independent authors, or a consignment program. Market yourself on social media and develop a following. Be sure the book is what the customer and the store are looking for.

Here is an article with tips from Ingram on how to market to indies:

Here is another piece with advice from a regional bookseller association:

Advertising to stores through the American Booksellers Association is also an option. Visit for more information.

I can't/won't/don't want to work with Ingram. Isn't there some other way to get my book listed here?

Yes. We offer an online form for adding titles to our site. Books added in this way will appear on; however, they will not be available for direct purchase through the site. Books in our system that are not carried by Ingram will also appear on local store sites, but whether they are available for direct purchase there is entirely dependent on each individual store. For more details, visit

One of the titles on violates my copyright and I’d like it removed. What recourse do I have?

IndieBound licenses the title database from Ingram Content Group and receives direct title feeds from many publishers. Therefore, the claim must be dealt with at the source or it will continue to appear on our website. If you have a legitimate copyright infringement claim, with backup documentation, you should work with Ingram and/or the publisher directly to resolve the issue and remove the infringing work from the database. In the meantime, please email IndieBound with evidence of your claim for evaluation.